domingo, junio 8

Homenaje a los bitles No.1

All you need is love
and food
and money
a lot of money

all you need is a gun
in order to destroy the bad guys
all you need is a refuge
in order to be out of danger
of the great gorgeous machine

all you need is an ideal
all you need is money to buy it
all you need are clothes to dress it
all you need is a tv to see it
all you need is a hand to remember
when the big beast was a little young rabbit
and he crashed his head with a wall

all you need is crap
in your head and bones
all you need is an studio
a gold disc
and another war to fight

all you need is vietnam corps
getting life with music

oh, I forget it
it can't be

but let it be
Sieg Hail!

Oh, ja sie liebt dich
Schöner kann es gar nicht sein

all you need is a system
all you need are us
all you need is a living room
rounded by prostitutes
rounded by the sound of blowjobs

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  1. Dear Panda,
    Creo que este es uno de los mejores posts no sólo en tu blog sino en la blogósfera. Pfff. No. Es simplemente que me gustó mucho. Quiero conocerte aleatoriamente (digo, randomly) en una de las calles de esta ciudad.